Monday, June 19, 2017

Another Savvy, rescue 192

On Saturday night, a friend from back home in Utah sent me a link to a local Salt Lake City ad that showed an adult savannah monitor not in good shape.

Poor baby! The ad originally listed the Savvy & set up for $300.

I immediately got my rescue sister on it. She managed to get the guy talked down to $50 for just the Savvy. The poor baby was stuck in a 55 gallon tank with ONE light-- a single 75 watt bulb set 18 inches above the bottom of the tank and programed to turn on for only 4 hours a day. :(

Again we feared he'd be in bad, bad shape and were happy to find he wasn't *too* bad. Every time the sunshine would hit the plastic transport box he was in, the savvy would stretch out and bask in it.

The second Marybeth got him home, he went into her bath. He was SOOO happy to splash and soak. He had at least 3 or 4 layers of old shed on him and was happy to soak it off. At first, when Marybeth would lightly splash water onto his back to get him all wet, he'd respond by whipping his tail and splashing her back.

After awhile, Marybeth reached up and started scratching his head. Oh he liked that! Then he started whipping his tail to splash her when she stopped!

After helping to get a layer or two off, she took him outside for some direct sunshine time. He did great on a leash.  

Marybeth will keep him until I get home and then I'll find him either a new home or a foster home to take care of him. I'm relieved that he was a fairly easy rescue-- especially since right after he got to Marybeth's house, she took in a small Nile monitor for our rescue brother.

Diego, rescue 191

I found Diego on Craig's List and I couldn't ignore it. Look at this ad:

The ad even said the 10 gallon tank was too small but they couldn't afford a new one. Diego is a year and a half now and has been in a 10 gallon tank his whole life.

Since he obviously had never had a UVB light either, I was prepared to find a beardie with Metabolic Bone Disease. Imagine my shock that his bones were perfect! :O WOW! He is incredibly healthy and strong though a tiny bit on the skinny side. 

Diego is one of the mellowest beardies I have ever had. We held him and loved on him and he didn't flinch. Because we were down in San Diego, I wanted to go to the San Diego dog beach with my daughter. Since we had Diego, he went along with us, and he did great! 

I plan to get him back home to Utah and get him set up in a 40 gallon tank. He'll be an easy & quick adoption. In fact, I may even look into adopting him out as a Emotional Support Animal because he is SO mellow. 

I've been snuggling with him almost every night here too. He's not crazy about the other beardies here, but once he's in his blankie, he forgets all about them. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

2 Beardies + 1 Uromastyx in *ONE* Tank, rescues 188, 189, 190

So yes, I'm on vacation. But I'm not dead! ;)

Last night I picked up 3 reptiles off this ad:

Once I read the ad, I realized that there were two bearded dragons and one uromastyx in the single 40 gallon long tank.

Today, I got them all set up in individual tanks. 

In the big tank is the 2 year old male bearded dragon named Pancho. Once we wrapped him up in a soft cloth diaper last night, he wouldn't leave it. He has a hammock in his tank now and he won't leave it. 

Gramps is the smallest of the 2 beardies even though he is around 8 years old. He obviously had severe MBD when he was little because he has an underbite and misshapen mouth. His upper lip was stuck out and coated with lots of junk (dirt, old food, old shed, etc.) I cleaned off his mouth and he looked better. 

He's an adorable little guy and loves to hang out with us on the couch. He got a water bowl and spent 20 minutes swimming in it. Then he parked himself on his soft hammock for a nap. 

The uromastyx is pretty stressed from all the moving around. Every time I pull him out, he pees on me. :( I'll let him settle in to his new tank before I trim his nails and give him a bath. I'm pretty sure he's a Mali uromastyx. 

So now they are all in clean tanks with fresh clean paper towel and NO smell or dead things. Once I get them home in a few days, they will get better water bowls and UVB lights. 

An HUGE SHOUT OUT to Liam L, Ginger S, and Jordyn H who helped me pay their fee ($150 total) and for their basic tank supplies. THANK YOU!!! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On Vacation

I suppose looking on Craig's List while "on vacation" wasn't the best idea I had, but I'm only on vacation-- I'm not dead! ;)

While on Craig's List, I found two ads that need help. Which means I need help with the money. I still have $150 in my Rescue account but these will cost more than that. Plus then I'll need to get them set up into tanks, etc. So if you can, please help! If not, no worries!

First beardie that I will be picking up on Friday for $60 but with no supplies. Yes, that's a full grown adult dragon in a 10 gallon tank.

Then there is this ad for a Uromastyx with two bonus beardies. This one will be $150 for everything.

I always hesitate to post pics in advance because sometimes in the rescue world, people undercut you and try to rescue the critters before you can get there. I know, it's lame & frustrating.

These pick ups are already arranged, but I am just trying to gather some extra money to pay both fees and have extra for getting them into appropriate set ups.

If you can donate, please click HERE.

And I promise to stop searching on Craig's List for the remainder of my vacation time....

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Quick Update

I'm trying to think of how to give a brief, but insightful, summary into how life fell apart last week. One of my kids is adopted and has a severe case of Reactive Attachment Disorder along with a handful of other difficulties; also the older he gets, the more bipolar he is becoming. The end of school always throws him off and last week (being the last week of school) sent him into a tizzy that ended up with him triggering some pretty intense PTSD symptoms in me (something that I hadn't dealt with in almost 20 years). My reasons for the PTSD are found HERE in my book "Not Another Sarah."

It was quite the meltdown for both of us. :( In order to pull myself back together again, I put everything "extra" on hold-- including my rescue. I'm down to 5 tortoises, 1 turtle, 9 beardies, 1 snake, and 3 geckos. That's all I can handle right now. ;) These are my babies anyway (with the exception of one sickly sulcata tortoise) and it's easy enough to continue their care.

My amazing hubby is currently at home taking care of the zoo and I am in LA (where I'm from) taking a bit of a breather, trying to build up my emotional stamina again. Today my daughter & parents toured Catalina island. Anywhere near the beach is a blessing for me. I have salt water in my blood, I tell you! I'm already missing home and looking forward to returning.

So enjoy this picture I took and know that I'll be back soon. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

On a Break

Things have grown increasingly difficult at home and I'm taking a break from my rescue for awhile.

Thanks for all your love. I'll be back.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

GiveAway Winners!!

Winners of my First Ever Giveaway:

$25 gift certificate for Pampered Beardies: Laura Smith
$25 gift certificate for Pampered Snakes: Karyn Mountain

Emergency Warming Blanket with 2 Uniheat packs: Stacey N Clark

2 Uniheat packs: Lauren Alexandra, Amy McNair, Stephany B Rogers

Message me at Pamperedsnakes(at)gmail(dot)com for info. I will ask you to verify your name & info for me too.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Final Call: Enter my First Giveaway Ever! Closes tonight.

Now that I have a second Etsy shop going, I want to promote both of them along with my Instagram and Facebook pages. I do have Twitter.... but that's too much! ;) 

OFFICIAL RULES TO WIN (Prizes listed below): 

1- Visit this blog. Shazam! I just gave that to you! (you're welcome)

2- Follow me on Instagram. Click HERE.

3- Favorite my Pampered Snakes Etsy Shop HERE.

4- Follow my Rescue Page on Facebook. Click HERE.

       BUT! Before you leave, Complete Step #4 BELOW!

5- Go to the PINNED POST at the top of my Rescue Page on Facebook and Comment "DONE" when you have done all 4 steps above and you'll be entered to win. Comments on the Blog won't count! You have to comment on Facebook!! :)

ALL "DONE" ENTRIES MUST BE POSTED **BEFORE** Midnight Mtn Standard Time on Sunday, May 28, 2017. Winners will be announced on Blogger, Facebook, & Instagram on Monday, May 29, 2017. Winners will be contacted before the announcements through Facebook & Instagram.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I did it again! Rescue 187, Tank

I made a mistake of looking in my local Facebook's Marketplace. Ugh.

Found a juvenile beardie in a small tank with NO UVB light. Never had one. And to make things worse, the heat bulb broke and the owner didn't want to buy a new one.


Remarkably, this little guy's bones are still pretty firm.

I asked if he'd been fed greens. Yep! Once. Papaya & green onions.

One time only in 3 months.

And the owners wanted him gone so they could go camping for the long weekend. And since they paid $70 for the beardie alone, they wouldn't come down on the price.

I paid $100 from my "Blood Money" or "Bail Money" account to get him into a good tank with two lights and good food.


I grumbled all the way there and back. I just couldn't walk away from this little one and leave him with no lights for a long weekend.

I need to take a break from searching ads so I can regain my niceness towards people.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who sent money to help build back up my Blood Money Savings account. You helped me get this guy! And if you'd still like to donate, please click HERE.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mystery Solved!

Problem solved!!! I took Derek to the vet today because since I got him 12 days ago, he's not been eating or pooping. I started to worry.

Well, Derek is a GIRL! 😱😱 And she's not fat, she's pregnant (sorta)!!! Derek is making infertile eggs and has a lot of ova growing around her ovaries.

Not eating, not moving, not pooping are all bad signs in males, but totally normal in egg laying females. I'm going to wait a couple weeks to see if she lays them. If not, I'll spend the money to have her spayed (about $400) so we don't have to deal with eggs again.

I've had 4 female beardies spayed and it's been fabulous. Undeveloped eggs start to decay in the belly and the resulting infection will kill them.